Friends in their natural habitats.

Meng, St Peters

Winter 2013

I met Meng at the Lush store in the city where she was working. I liked her instantly. My friends say we have an uncanny resemblance although I think it's just because we're both Asian girls with short hair. She's an art student living in a little terrace in St Peters with her friends. Joseph photographed us together in her room for an uni assignment and that's when we became properly acquainted. Her room is filled with random artefacts, photographs and drawings, and there's pair of creepy rubber feet that stand in her fireplace. Meng is good at making out but bad at returning calls.

Richie, Earlwood

Summer 2011

I met Richie in primary school, he was funny and popular and I wasn't, so we never really talked, and I still don't know much about him now. In fact, I'm not terribly sure how we came into contact again, but he lived close by in my old area, a slice of suburbia in the inner south-west of Sydney. I don't think I'm qualified to really write anything about him, but his band practices in his garage, with equal amounts of smoking weed and music-making, he lives with his parents and older sister, I've scarcely seen them though his friends are always around, there are huge wooden boards out the back on which they spray paint, he has a leafy backyard and a near-empty fridge, a bright bedroom housing a collection of musical instruments, and he is always hospitable.

Jayson, Lewisham

Autumn 2011

I met Jayson at Richie's place. They're soulmates. Jayson recently moved into this abandoned warehouse in the inner-west of Sydney. We're not really quite sure what it used to be used for but the place is still fitted with old, rusting equipment and scattered with collapsing furniture. In an unused room on the second level, I discovered a couple of framed, faded photographs hanging on the wall, of the place in its prime, showcasing conveyor belts and production lines of unidentifiable objects. The warehouse is now derelict, and probably a safety hazard, but Jayson lives there with a circus freak, a model and a few artists. They had decorated the walls in graffiti and made the empty workshops their playground. His housemates and him are turning the space into a studio and other things, but currently they sleep on mattresses on the dusty floors and steal wireless internet from the neighbouring RTA.

Charlotte, Bardwell Park

Autumn 2011

I met Charlotte in primary school, we were in the same class in Year 2 and I remember copying her drawings on our worksheets. I don't think we ever talked back then, though I do remember having a crush on her older sister at some point. I ran into Charlotte again at an art gallery during our high school years, and started to get to her know much more after - she's a mad rad artist across many mediums. She also lives in my old neighbourhood, in the house she grew up in with her parents and her dog, her sister has since left home and her father has dreams of moving to Tasmania to start a truffle farm. Her home is quiet and spacious, with a sprawling backyard and a trampoline; her room is decorated with items of interest she has collected and the walls are collaged in art posters.

Ask, Berlin

Autumn 2012

I met Ask when I was couchsurfing in Berlin last month. He's a video artist from Norway and lived in an apartment in Prenzlauer Berg while I was staying at a hostel close by in Mitte. I crashed at his place for a few days after, we had many adventures with the strange and wonderful offerings of Berlin nightlife. Drinking cheap wine in the park, dining at expensive restaurants, smoking blunts with a half-crazy Tanzanian guy we met on the street. We accidentally walked into a psychedelic concert at warehouse gallery bar, biked top speed through empty streets in the early hours, and took cheesy photos in the black and white photoautomat booths. He taught me how to ride a bicycle and we were fined by police at an abandoned building site for trespassing. On my last night in Germany we made authentic pork schnitzel for dinner and ate on his balcony by candlelight. It was corny and lame and perfect.

Ask, Berlin

Autumn 2012

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